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Mom of Two

Sorry we have been slacking and haven’t been connecting as much, we’ve been celebrating our newest edition, Baby Kingston!! Being a new mom of two has been borderline amazing and extremely exhausting lol. Finding balance between work, home, and not forgetting myself has been the biggest challenge for me thus far. My boys are everything to me and I sometimes feel guilty because I want to make sure I am still spending time with my oldest so he doesn’t feel left out because of all this new attention that is going to his baby brother. So far the transition has been smooth with the help of family and he is such a great big brother and extremely helpful and protective when it comes to him. I love the bond they are forming and I know they will be close and look after each other!!

Getting back into work mode has been hard, some days feeling inspired and other days feeling unmotivated. Nonetheless I always can refer back to the reason I started Little Kubsters in the first place, my boys!! In between breast feeding, naps, summer camp, and football practices I have been working on the release of our Fall Collection and I am excited to share what I have been working on!! Stay tuned for updates on our new releases and in the mean time don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list to receive 10% off your purchase!!

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